SAMP S.p.A. Division Sampsistemi

SAMPSISTEMI's most innovative solutions presented at Wire Duesseldorf 2008

Increasing market globalisation and the arrival of countries with enormous potential on the wire and cable manufacturing scene have forced producers to rethink company processes in an attempt to boost productivity, rationalise manufacturing programmes, and lower fixed costs and overheads.

For over 70 years now, SAMPSISTEMI has focused on researching and developing new solutions whilst continuously improving the existing technology. It has always been the company policy that innovation, commitment and attention towards environmental issues are essential to continuously improve the technological products standards and the quality of the services to the customers, both pre and post sales.

SAMPSISTEMI looks forward to Wire 2008 as the perfect venue to exhibit some of its most interesting and innovative machines, in order to demonstrate the ever-growing know-how and quality provided to its customers all over the world.

BS800 New static spooler 800 mm

New design BS800 static spooler with compact design, space saving, simplified foundation, with reduced maintenance and improved wire path. Systems for inner long end are available, as well as conveyors with flexible configuration. Available for multi-wire lines, rod break down lines and intermediate lines.

BM630 Enhanced double twist buncher

SAMPSISTEMI’s enhanced double twist buncher BM630 with fully commercial HMI, PLC and electrical equipment. Vulcanized automotive cable extrusion group for AIV3 line

Automotive wire extrusion group with three extruders for flame retardant cross linkable insulated conductors, with quick colour-changing stripe technology. Liquid thermo regulated quick changing-colour striping cross head and continuous vulcanizing splice unit.

New CO2 welding wire coppering tank

SAMPSISTEMI’s high-efficiency, brand new ergonomically designed CO2 welding wire coppering tank with 2 rinsing compartments and chemical coppering coating, free standing skin pass die holder with capstan and dancer.