FELSS Group Gallery

The high art of forming


How a forming specialist becomes a gallery owner

The world of art presents itself often brilliant and glamorous. Actually this is completely the contrary to our profession of forming, where at the most it is polished metal that shimmers. Thus where does this word - art of engineering - come from, which combines both? The forming technology has nothing at all to do with aesthetic activity - neither at the FELSS group. Nevertheless our engineers just could not get this word out of their head. Which was justified, as the German dictionary “Duden“ confirms:

The German word for art (“Kunst“) originally meant “knowledge, wisdom, cognition“ as well as „sci-ence“. Then the word was also used for “skills, ability, dexterity“ (achieved by practice).*

To which extent we may make use of this definition for our work? This question marked the hour of birth of the FELSS Group Gallery, our booth at the Tube 2008 in Duesseldorf. There we present our customers selected technical works. We leave the fine arts to persons like Ferdinand Merkens. The experimental object builder united several hundreds kilos of steel tubes, processed on machines of the FELSS group, to a fascinating sculpture. This sculpture is the core of the FELSS Group Gallery and shows that the symbiosis between artistic creation and absolute technical precision is possible in a range of micrometers.

* Source: Das Herkunftswörterbuch, Etymologie der deutschen Sprache, Duden Band 7, 4. edition 2007, Dudenverlag, page 460.