Premieres at TUBE 2008: P4 – innovation with new ground breaking man-machine interface



Premieres at TUBE 2008: P4 – innovation with new ground breaking man-machine interface.

At this year’s TUBE trade fair, 31st March to the 4th April in Düsseldorf, Polysoude will be presenting their new portable TIG Welding Power Source the P4 for the first time.
Designed for automated orbital welding of stainless steel pipe connections, the world market leader thus opens up a new dimension in system construction for its users - technological, economical and qualitative. The prerequisite for this is intuitive operator guidance with the combination of a modular system concept, which is unique thus far in joining technology. A large touch screen forms the man-machine interface. All interactions with the system take place via this interface; it issues all commands to the internal electronics via the software and transmits the status of the joining process to the operator.

Other special features of the P4 are the independent system configuration and auto programming. There is also real time welding data recording for a welding result which is guaranteed to be reproducible. Another important feature, the machine detects the connected weld head type and so automatically knows within which limit values the machine can work. The auto programming takes over the adjustment of the welding parameters down to the last detail. In addition to the four basic parameters (shielding gas, welding current, welding and wire speed), these can include up to 30 additional parameters for exploiting all possibilities of the modern orbital welding system - from joining with pulsing current, pulsing welding and wire speed synchronised with the current as well as a combination of these.
With the help of the Program Library or the Synergic Operation, (calculation of the precise parameters using pre-programmed task settings), adjustment becomes as easy as child’s play; the operator only has to change the tooling and workpiece, then input the basic material type, tube diameter and wall thickness. The welding system then suggests in the operator’s local language not just the best joining program, but it also creates the complete set of welding instructions on through to the documentation of the data. If the operator experiences welding defects, the system’s Expert Menu offers assistance.

The "open and communicative design" of the P4 with its timeless software platform leaves room for future functions. Thus the system is also prepared, for example, to scan components to be joined with the help of the optional barcode reader to select the appropriate welding instructions for complete traceability.

Another feature of the P4 is it is easy use on construction sites and in prefabrications around the world. The low weight of the system, the robust Touch Screen Housing with the display interface in the local language, as well as the multi-voltage automatic function for alternating voltage networks with 100, 110, 200 and 230V ensures this. The power source can even generally tolerate fluctuations during operation on long feed lines and current generators.

Special features of the P4 in brief:
- XXL touch screen – the man-machine interface for intuitive operator guidance.
- Independent system configuration.
- Automatic Generation of the welding instructions.
- Loading/saving of data via USB or Ethernet interface
- Complete documentation of all parameters according to EN ISO Standards for qualification and compliance of welding procedures.

Details for the expert:
- Welding current up to 170 Amperes
- Automatic weld procedure generation / Synergic-Mode (diameter, wall thickness, material, etc).
- Programming by standard PC using multilingual, graphically assisted welding software.
- Full function remote control.
- Expert help menu for procedure optimisation.
- Automatic weld head recognition.
- Automatic voltage supply adaptation compatible with field power generators (100-230V single phase +/- 10%).
- USB memory stick (saving, loading, archiving).
- Comprehensive real-time welding data acquisition.
- Built-in printer for welding procedure archiving and documentation.
- Built-in closed loop water cooling system with safety valve for weld head and torch.
- Welding gas control with safety valves.
- Closed loop regulation of torch rotation and wire speed.
- Program control by time or angular degrees calibrated in mm/min or inch/min.
- Ethernet & Internet compatible.
- Compatible with standard peripheral equipment – bar code reader, oxygen analyser etc.
- Error-diagnostic system.
- RoHS conform.

Accessories and options for special requirements:
- Large 10,4“ color touch screen with multilingual, graphically assisted welding software.
- Adapter kits to use many existing makes of weld head.
- Manual tack welding kit including water-cooled TIG / GTAW torch.
- Dual weld head switch box.
- Extension cable (15 m).
- Gas hose.
- Pressure regulator.


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