FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

RTM Radio Transmitting Tension Monitoring system for rotating machinery applications

System description:
The FMS Radio Transmitting Tension Monitor (RTM) is a new system to monitor tension in individual wires on a stranding machine.
This system is using radio transmission for all the data and does not require slip rings at all.
It is therefore specially suitable to retrofit older machines with tension monitoring equipment.
All individual data is collected over a bus system on the cage.
A dedicated unit on the bus system is responsible for the transmission of all the information over radio frequency to a PC or PLC that is placed beside the machine. A simple USB stick is responsible for the communication on the operator side. All values of all the individual tension sensors can be monitored realtime on the screen. The values can also be presented in a roll-mode or can be stored to a hard-disk. Minimum and maximum limits are available for quality purposes.

Battery option:
For machines with no 24V available FMS offers a power kit that allows the whole system to run for one full shift with battery power. The condition of the battery can also be monitored on the PC screen and a warning will come up should battery power go low. The battery pack can simply be exchanged against a fully loaded unit within seconds.

The amplifiers are based on a well-proven FMS design that is also used in rotating applications. They are all linked together over a Bus system. They provide excitation voltage for the sensors and convert the millivolt signal into digital values.

The tension sensors can be chosen from the wide range of standard sensors that FMS is selling for rotating applications. FMS can provide sensors that are not susceptible to centrifugal or coriolis forces