Zumbach Electronic AG

These and many more news will be shown on our booth

1. For the cable and plastics industry

USYS 20: Latest low cost processor for diameter or capacitance
• Very easy operation
• All basic functions, including tolerance monitoring and controller

USYS IPC: Processor for flexible system integration
• For 2 measuring units, diameter and/or capacitance plus all auxiliary functions, statistics, etc.
• Easy operation over touch screen by customer
• Economic, space saving

RAYEX® D: Latest version of the X-ray systems
For 3 layer measurement at MV or HV cable in CV lines or Silan
• Economic and compact
• New user surface
• Also highly accurate for thin semi-conductors

New AC Spark Testers for cables up to Ø 200 mm
• Robust and long life
• Special electrode with safe 360° contact

SIMAC® 63: Surface quality inspection system
One of the most advanced surface inspection system for extruded products
• Bright and focused image, sees faults down to 100 μm
• Easy to use, with a graphical user interface (GUI) of the latest generation
• Up to a line speed of 500 m/min

2. For wire drawing and enamelled wire

Turbo air guard for ODAC® laser heads
The reliable solution for accurate diameter/ovality measurement also with dry lubrication
• Compact turbo blower
• Long cleaning interval

ODAC® 14XY: For highly accurate diameter and ovality
measurement on enamelled and fine wire down to 15 μm
• Very economic
• Accuracy ± 0.3 μm
• RS-485 interface

3. For hot and cold rolled steel tubes and profiles
• SMS 100 systems: static, up to 6 axes
• SMO 100 systems: oscillating and multimode

PROFILEMASTER®: Profile measurement with light cut method
For rolled or extruded profiles
• Measures full profile, including angles and radii
• Monitors and alarms critical dimensions

CSS: Calibrated single scan measurement
Up to 1000 measurements/s at top accuracy
• New method in optics and electronics
• Selective measurement at high speed