United Cable Industries Company, Jordan and KC Industrie, Italy recently placed orders for Automatic Reel Winding Lines MAB from EFAF.

The MAB 350 sold to United Cable Industries Company, Jordan packages cable up to 6 sqmm (0,0093 sqinch) outside diameter (round/flat, flexible/non flexible) onto cardboard or plastic reels with flange diameter variable from 150 mm (5,91”) to 350 mm (13,8”) and width ranging from 100 mm (3,94”) to 250 mm (9,84”).
The production capacity reaches 180 reels/hour of 100 m (328’) lengths.

The MAB 630 sold to KC Industrie, Italy automatically winds cable onto cardboard, plastic, wooden, steel plate reels with flange diameter ranging from 300 mm (11,8”) to 600 mm (23,6”) and width up to 360 mm (14,2”): the max weight allowed for the reel is 60 Kg.
The cable length is variable from 100 (328’) to 1000 m (3.280’) and the winding speed reaches 450 m/minute (1.480 fpm).
The production per hour reaches 18 reels of 1000 m (3.280’) lengths wrapped with stretch film, labelled and palletized, all in automatic mode.

The operator assigned to these lines needs only to perform the following tasks:

• Change the pay-off bobbin;
• Manually fill up the reel storage facility;
• Replace the exhausted bobbin of stretch film or auto-gluing film;
• Replace the label roll;
• Fill up the automatic pallet storage facility;
• Choose the recipe according to the cable that has to be packaged.

So, the operator’s main task is the careful supervision of the line to ensure the automatic process is performed quickly and without any problems.

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