EFAF: not only a supplier, but a partner in cable production

We want to begin this discussion with our current and future customers by introducing what is in store for out display at Wire 2008.
In the last few years EFAF has paid close attention to quality, product appearance, packaging plant flexibility and customer satisfaction and personalisation.
We have worked very hard with our customers, studying how to organise packaging and advertising as well as presentation of product where obligatory labelling is necessary. For these reasons EFAF is considered a real PARTNER in the cable industry and not only simply a supplier.
In recent months, we have dedicated our energy to packaging lines with thermo-shrinking film, trying to modify the entire system and so, improving the process.
During our visits to cable factories, we have seen that after through processing the coil can lose its “quality” in the final phase due to excess film per coils of a certain diameter and that the film can sometimes go to the side after thermo-shrinking.
EFAF discovered and is presently using a solution which allows ‘clean’ packaging on the sides of the coil, by having a better look-like and exciting the good traversing quality.
This new system can be seen by our visitors to stand number A 51 in hall no. 12 this year at the Wire 2008 Exhibition.
Our new packaging line with thermo-shrinking film will be displayed with an integrated coiling line at high productivity,(MAUTOMATIC 260) for cable with cross sections up to 6 sqmm (0,0093 sqinch), and can be used without a strapping machine, which is now obsolete for such cable sections.
The use of the PP-band for packaging is determined by request of the customer and/or by the maximum cable cross section, up to 6 sqmm (0,0093 sqinch) but we have also increased it up to 16 sqmm (0,0248 sqinch) for single core and multi core cables, rigid and flexible, meeting the requirements of numerous cable factories, for cost reduction and less maintenance.
Visiting our EFAF stand offers the opportunity to see an easy and compact automatic coiler (MAC 520) which packages coils of cable from 2 mm (0,0787 inch) up to 15 mm (0,591 inch) diameter with toroidal or diametrical strapping by using a semiautomatic strapping unit.
In this way EFAF is able to satisfy the needs of all its customers, offering automatic plants for big quantities of cable at high productivity and automatic machines for moderate quantities of cable that require easy and ready-to-use machinery at a competitive cost without sacrificing safety and technological improvement.
During the exhibition visitors can observe demonstrations of coiling, labelling and demonstrations without cable using the automatic coiler MAC520.
In addition, they will be able to see videos of machinery with different types of packaging in coils and reels.
EFAF’s range of machinery has the ability to foresee all automatic coil winding lines, automatic reel winding lines and rewinding line necessity also offering completely automated versions or more simplified versions.
The automatic coil winding lines can process cables with cross sections from 0,5 sqmm (0,000 775 sqinch) up to 120 sqmm (0,186 sqinch) of flexible, rigid, single core and multi core cable with coil dimension of 35 mm (1,38 inch) up to 250 mm (9,84 inch) of width, from 150 mm (5,91 inch) to 600 mm (23,6 inch) of outside diameter and a max weight of 100 Kgs.
The inside diameter can be chosen by the customer in order to keep the actual production characteristics.
The automatic coil winding lines may include different packaging types, as per thermo-shrinking film with or without strap, boxes, multipla-package with handle for coils or boxes.
Our automatic reel winding lines may use reels made in wooden, plywood, iron or plastic with different dimensions: from 150 (5,91 inch) up to 600 mm (23,6 inch).
Packaging may be with stretch film or auto-gluing film.
Rewinding lines may use plastic and wooden reels with diameter from 400 mm (15,7 inch) up to 1250 mm (49,2 inch).
All these lines may be completed with the automatic palletizing line.
In addition, we have the B-MAC 420 line which can package both coils and reels.
This line was designed for companies that do not require of a high productivity to justify the purchase of two different lines, but also satisfies requests for two different products made by the production facility.
We are proud to offer our customers the option of using the equipment they already have in their factories.
“This is only a short description of the innovations and capacity of EFAF machinery - says Mr. Gabriele Martinelli, Technical/Sales Manager - our strength is to remain as flexible as possible, therefore always open to giving all our customer exactly what they want, customising and studying new applications”.