Exhibitor testimonials

Sunil Shewaramani, K.D Industries Inc., General Manager, United Arab Emirates
K.D. Industries Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of Carbon Steel ERW Pipes and Tubes in the United Arab Emirates and was established in the year 2000. For Mr. Shewaramani it is the third time at the Tube and for him it is already a highlight this year: "It is a privilege to take part at the show. It is the biggest fair in the world and every year it is like refreshing yourself with the latest updates in the business. This year, we also focus on american and australien contacts," Mr. Shewaramani says.
Gerhard Berger, SSC Anlagenbau GmbH, Senior Consultant, Austria
SSC Anlagebau GmbH produces equipment for tube construction, seamless rolling mills, mechanical machining and also provides solutions in transport and automatisation business. Mr. Berger is very satisfied with the show so far: "It is very busy, but we didn't expect anything else. We participate at the Tube for years and the fair is extremly well organized as we are used to." He noticed that this year here are many companies from Asia and also from Russia: "It seems to me that there is much to catch up with in terms of industrial production in this region and hopefully we will benefit from that."
Mohd. Asad NEHAL
Jörg Busch, IMS Messsysteme GmbH, General Manager Global Sales & Project and Burkhard Schöttler, IMS Messsysteme GmbH, Produktmanager für Rohrmesssysteme, Deutschland
"Usually it is a bit more quiet on the first day of the fair, because many visitors arrive, but not this time. The first day was surprisingly busy," Mr. Schöttler explains. IMS Messsysteme take part in the fair since the year 1996. "In general we meet existing and potential customers. Especially for international contacts the Tube is perfect. We make more than 60% in sales outside of Europe, so the international aspect of the Tube is very important for us." Mr. Busch would also like to highlight: "We are one of the first producers of 3D-surface inspection systems for the inspection of tubes, slabs, heavy plates and so on. We are very proud of that and very happy to introduce that to the visitors."
Peter Hermonies
Pedro Ferreira, Amob Maquinas Ferramentas, S.A., Sales & Marketing Director, Portugal
Founded in 1960, AMOB has become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of metalworking technologies, providing ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry. AMOB designs, develops, retails and services a variety of products for a range of industries. Mr. Ferreira analyses: "This year the Tube is better and bigger than before. The last year and the year before were a little bit slower. But this one's is better advertised in my eyes." Another important reason for the success of the Tube is the organization."The Tube provides comprehensive service und consequently there are many decision-makers here at the show."