Visitor statements

Marcos Casto, FaW Automotive, CEO and Marcos Casto, FaW Automotive, CEO, Spain
Both brothers are visiting the wire and the Tube for their company, which produces parts for the interior of cars. They are here to get in contact with machine manufacturers and suppliers for raw materials. "We are relatively flexible. There is a schedule plan but we also try to be spontanious and to be open minded for inspirations. We are really lucky to have two different fairs at one place, which are both relevant for our business," Mr. Casto says. Concerning the development of the past years, he adds: "Fortunately in our business safety has still priority. Saving costs come second."
Kevin Wang, BWE Shanghai Ltd., Assistant General Manager, China
"O fcourse I traveled all the way from Shanghai here to Düsseldorf and it is my fist time at the wire. I've been working in this business for one year, so the wire is the best place for me to get a market overview," Mr. Wang explains. The Barrier Washer Equipment Co. Ltd. (BWE) was established in the year 2003 and manufactures laundry equipment in China. Mr. Wang is especially interested in "extrusion wire". He just could find some producers and is now looking forward to have lively exchange.
Yasuo Ito, Japan, Source: Messe Düsseldorf
Craig Smith, Associated Spring (Barnes Group), USA Claudenir Martins, Associated Spring Do Brasil (Barnes Group), Brazil Fernando Henriques, Barnes Group Inc., Brazil
The colleagues work for the Barnes Group Inc., but don't belong to the same business unit. The intermational company is segmented in aerospace technology and industrial production, which provides solutions for injection, nitrogen production and engineered components. Asked for their objective at wire, we got a jokingly but also very seriously answer: "We are here to win the fight against high cost and low productivity. But we haven't much time, because we only have a one-day pass. The wire is the best place for working effectively. We have so much appointments and expect many impressions and solution approaches."
Alex Dekker, Tata Steel IJmuiden, Netherlands
The 27-year-old Dutchman, who is still relatively young compared to other fair visitors, explores the wire for the first time. He is excited about the size and the atmosphere. Mr. Dekker works for one of the largest steel producers in Europe, Tata Steel and he is taking more and more responsibility. "I have been working at Tata Steel for 10 years, studying on the side and will soon finish my Master in Electrical Engineering. I would like to receive input for my thesis at the wire, that's the reason why I am here." For the period after graduation, he looks forward to further visits, but then as a decision maker and in the service of his employer.