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EFD Induction expert published by leading steel industry group

An extensive technical paper co-authored by Dr. Hansjürg Stiele, a material sciences expert at EFD Induction Germany, has been published by ‘Stahl-Informations-Zentrum’, the prestigious industry group representing German steel producers and manufacturers.
The paper, which is so far only available in German is titled ‘Wärmebehandlung von Stahl—Randschichthärten’ (Heat Treatment of Steel—Surface Hardening). "I wrote the paper," says Stiele, "with my co-author Dr. Dieter Liedtke in order to give people in the heat treatment industry a thorough yet compact introduction to the theory and practice of surface hardening.

" The paper gives a comprehensive overview of various hardening methods such as induction, flame, laser and electron beam hardening. "Surface hardening is of tremendous commercial and technical importance, so it is vital that decision makers—and not just engineers—have some understanding of the technologies involved," says Stiele.

Stahl-Informations-Zentrum is a leading steel industry organization in Germany. Member companies include Salzgitter AG, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Saarstahl AG and various companies from the ArcelorMittal group. The paper is just under 40 pages long, and features dozens of explanatory graphs, photographs and illustrations. Copies of the paper (which is #236 in the ‘Merkblatt’ series of publications) can be downloaded free for personal use at:


Dr. Hansjürg Stiele is a material sciences expert based at EFD Induction Germany’s manufacturing centre in Freiburg.