Successful customer survey – Donation to the Christian Psychological Service

Customers answer questions – children in the Gifhorn administrative district benefit BUTTING supports the work of the Christian Psychological Service (the CPB) in Gifhorn with a donation of EUR 1,630.

By carrying out the regular customer survey we comply with the requirements of the Standard for Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001. The top priority for BUTTING is to satisfy the demands and expectations of our customers and partners on a long-term basis. With regard to the sought-after continuous improvement of our processes, we also discover from the survey the areas in which our customers see room for improvement. That is the way in which we will be able to continue satisfying the expectations of the market in future.

German and international customers were contacted in writing and many of them answered the questions online. To show our gratitude for taking part in the survey, BUTTING promised its customers a charitable donation for every survey form filled in and returned. Thanks to the numbers taking an active part in the customer survey, a considerable sum was collected for the donation. And now the cheque has been handed over. “Increasing prosperity in the region is not only about creating new jobs and improving wages. We also believe in supporting people for whom things are not going so well and who depend on the help of others” – that is the motto of Managing Director Hermann Butting.

The inter-denominational CPB supports such people with advice in a variety of crisis situations. The organisation, which is networked with other psycho-social institutions in the administrative district, also provides therapeutic treatment for the mentally ill.

The explicit purpose of the BUTTING donation is to improve advice and psychotherapy for children and young people. Due to high demand, the establishment of this department began in November 2010. Here the CPB depends on financial support, particularly for purchasing (play) therapy material and the other basic equipment required. For more information, please refer to the association’s homepage at

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