TMK Tubing With Premium Connections Receives ISO 13679 CAL IV Certification

TMK, one of the world's leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has successfully conducted certification of tubing with TMK PF premium connections in accordance with the ISO 13679 CAL IV standard. The tests were conducted at the Oil States Industries international testing center (Aberdeen, UK).

This was the first certification of TMK tubing threaded with premium connections according to this standard. The testing qualification program was conducted by TMK-Premium Service, which presented grade L80 tubing threaded with TMK PF premium connections. During the testing, pipes were subjected to the 80% compression level.

“Successful certification of TMK PF premium connections on both casing and tubing in accordance with the ISO 13679 CAL IV standard gives us the opportunity to supply an all-inclusive pipe string fully certified under this standard for use in the well,” said Sergei Bilan, Vice President of Premium Products and Services at TMK. “Completion of this certification serves as confirmation of the world quality level of our threads and allows us to enter the league of the leading global suppliers of tubular products for complex drilling both onshore and offshore.”