Geometry par excellence

It has the same function of a classic profile projector, but the advantage lies in the fact that all the desired measurements can be quickly obtained simultaneously.
The system is extremely flexible and completely programmable since it is not linked to a given pattern: it is conceived to automatically recognize and measure any shape detected by the cameras.
The software features a database rich in geometric instructions for the detection of points, lines, circles, so as to make the measurement of distances, angles, bending radius, etc possible.
The computer box is equipped with a practical touch screen. The software is very intuitive also thanks to the on-line manual which helps using each control.
There is also an archive where the operator can store programs, results and all the measurements.
The statistic is carried out by means of Excel and is therefore entirely customizable.
Each measurement will enable to obtain:
Mean, sigma, CP, CPK, Gaussian curve, bar chart, allowing to study the production capacity of the machine and to point out the most critical features.

According to the desired visual field, telecentric lenses can be used to obtain absolute measurements.
It is also possible to add cameras placed both vertically and horizontally.

The Multivision model can be directly installed on board of production machines, such as springformers, where the spring typology can vary a lot. In such a way it could become an essential instrument to enhance the production quality.
The same system can be inserted into automatic plants for the dimensional control of the 100% of the production