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Prodim presents at the International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair - Dusseldorf: Prodim’s TubeCheck

TubeCheck Set

Prodim International is the manufacturer of revolutionary 2D and 3D portable measuring devices and associated measurement solutions. Prodim is always closely following the developments in the construction industry and listens to the users of the Proliner measuring devices. This allows Prodim to keep improving the measuring devices and developing new solutions for several industries. At the International Trade Fair for Tube and Pipe in Dusseldorf 26-30 March 2012, Prodim will introduce a new solution: Prodim’s Tube checker.

Prodim’s TubeCheck
To get the outline measurements of bent tubes and pipes has always been very difficult. Because of the form of the tubes, accurate measurement of the angles or radius of the bent parts is almost impossible. Self made measuring tools are trying to fill this gap within the existing measuring equipment. An ideal solution would offer a movable product that can quickly measure the shapes of tubes and compare these with the original CAD drawings.

With Prodim’s new TubeCheck this is now possible.
The Prodim tube checker allows manufacturers to measure tubes of all sizes anywhere in the factory. It quickly measures the outline of the tubes and provides a digital template. This measurement can be compared with the original CAD drawings and check if the new product is within its tolerance. This all takes place within the Proliner meaning that there is no need for external equipment.

The production of the tubes and pipes can quickly be checked in the factory or on site. Operating the Proliner is really easy so there is no need for additional knowledge of CAD programming. Logistics are no more delay in the process because everything can be done in the fabrication process. It’s just an easy way to check if a tube or a pipe is bent within its tolerance and ready for shipment.