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Cost-efficient bending of hose fittings

The twin transfluid solution for efficient and fast bending

transfluid offers two fast processing systems for different sizes

Special solutions are required for special requirements – or just one efficient, customisable solution. For one-part hose fittings transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH has developed such a "twin" solution and will equip its systems with different modules depending on the application, varying mostly in the loading system. The challenges: Fittings are mostly mechanically processed, extremely short, relatively thick-walled and their sealing elements (sealing head or hose part) must not be damaged under any circumstances. "Cost-efficient processing options are an aspect on which we place great emphasis. Large amounts of pieces are mostly manufactured for small sizes. And what counts here is the speed", says Gerd Nöker, the CEO of transfluid.

Short cycles and bulk material hopper
The fittings bending machine for sizes up to 1 inch is fitted with a bulk material hopper with a capacity of 600 litres. The advantage: Fittings of any size can be loaded. A powerful drive is ensured by servo-electrical or hydraulic equipment. Bending can be therefore done in amazingly short cycles from 6 to 7 seconds including the entire handling. Special supporting elements ensure that the sealing cone and hose connections remain undamaged. Fittings starting with inner diameter of 8 mm are bent by the transfluid system always with an internal mandrel, so that bend ovalisation can be ruled out.

Special handling of fittings with a diameter of up to 75 mm
Components with dimensions up to a diameter of 75 mm are transported by using a particularly robust loading system. As the weight of these fittings is so high, the loading system prevents the components from uncontrolled falling down. The work pieces are therefore provided on a special pallet, taken from the handling system and supplied to the bending machine. These sizes are generally bent by the machines with an internal mandrel. A maximum ovalisation of 3 percent is given. Also for large component, special supporting adapters ensure that each piece is discharged in the optimum way in the process. Flanges or other sealing elements will stay safe from damage. Even for fittings of this size, the entire processing time is maximum 25 seconds.

transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH
transfluid is the reputable world-wide partner for the manufacturing of tube bending machines and tube processing machines. Since 1988 transfluid has been developing client-oriented technologies for tube processing and can offer customized solutions: from plant building and mechanical engineering, automotive and furniture industry to ship manufacturing to railing production and conveying systems. Being a brand famous all over the world, our company from South-Westphalia, Germany offers local presence through its service offices in Europe and Asia.

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The twin transfluid solution for efficient and fast bending of hose fittings.