Nomen est omen: Special steel grades now have new names

Nomen est omen: Special steel grades now have new names
Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes is restructuring its grades portfolio for industrial applications. From now on, new distinctive names will be used for the company-specific materials developments, increasing transparency.

Düsseldorf, 20 March 2012. In order to enhance distinctiveness and market recognition value, Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes is replacing the existing names of the company’s own grades which have consisted of a series of letters and numbers with a more comprehensible, easy-to-remember nomenclature.

Six new grades series will make it easier for customers to find their way around the world market leader’s premium range, and will indicate the quality at first glance, regardless of which part of the world the customer is in. The company has come up with distinctive brand names which point to the specific properties of the developed materials. For the individual products that feature in the six series, the company has also developed an easy-to-understand system of nomenclature: the product designations will consist of the brand name, the yield strength and an additional indication of the impact toughness of the grade in question. The grade brand names all have one thing in common – they go well beyond the international standards, and set new trends. Here are the six new series of grades in brief:

Multicert® – the flexible grade
The prime characteristic of this grade series for round tubes is clear in the name itself. The products have multiple certification. Tested under both EN 10297 (E355) and EN 10210 (S355J2H), the tubes in this series are ideal for steel construction and mechanical engineering applications.

Forterior® – the strong grade
The Latin word “forte” is the clue here: Forterior® is a grade which offers increased yield strengths for mechanical engineering applications. It is used to manufacture tubes which features stability, load bearing capacity and good weldability – for example, for use in agricultural equipment. These grades have previously been known as the MW and the SG series.

Spirafort® – the machinable grade
The term “Spira”, with its reference to turning, indicates the prime application of this series – it is used for hollow bars in mechanical engineering. Spirafort® enables high-speed machining processes with reduced levels of tool wear. As in the Forterior® series, the “fort” part of the name indicates the higher yield strength of these grades. Spirafort is used only with the size ranges of MECAPLUS® hollow sections. These products were formerly part of the MW and MECAPLUS® series.

Avadur® - the hard grade
The name Avadur® combines the English word “advanced” with the Latin “durus”, and refers to the outstanding hardenability properties. Tubes in this grade can be systematically heat-treated, which means that their hardness, yield strength and tensile strength can be adapted within a wide range to meet the requirements of the most diverse applications. At the same time, they retain their excellent machinability properties. The grade is used primarily for component parts in the oil and gas industries. This chrome-molybdenum grade 4140 steel is based on the Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes-specified products in the range of Types 1- 9.

Oceanfit® – the ocean grade
Outstanding mechanical properties, a high level of impact toughness and excellent weldability mean that this grade is ideal for all kinds of demanding offshore applications, even at temperatures of well below zero. These grade thus exceeds the requirements of the standards API 5 L/ISO 3183 and EN 10225.

FineXcell® – the demanding grade
Derived from the English “fine grain”, the FineXcell® series features tubes made from fine-grain steels with yield strengths of up to 1,000 MPa. Thanks to its high resistance, outstanding impact toughness and excellent weldability, it can be used for lightweight load bearing constructions, e.g. in crane building, in hydraulic cylinders or in highly-stressed loadbearing structures in architectural applications. These grades were formerly known as the FG series.

Customers will find further information on the new names, the nomenclature and a list comparing the old and new designations in the publication entitled “Quality has a new name” from Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes. This publication can be ordered through the company website or downloaded direct(

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