Davis-Standard, LLC

Davis-Standard Introduces New Mid-Range Controller

A new mid-range controller from Davis-Standard, LLC – the DS-eVUE – offers processors added versatility for nearly every wire and cable extrusion process. Introduced in January, this controller replaces Davis-Standard’s MESA III product and existing HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems. Davis-Standard will continue to service older controllers subject to availability, but the DS-eVUE will be the standard mid-range option available from this point forward.

Davis-Standard replaced the MESA to further improve features for customers requiring an option between the company’s DS-eTPC (basic control) and EPIC III (advanced control) systems. Improvements over the MESA include a solid state hard drive, which offers a slimmer package and flexible mounting options; a 15-inch (381mm) wide-screen HMI; a temperature auto-tuning option; and an optional wireless LAN connection. In addition, the DS-eVUE has an increased data tag count, which enables it to control larger systems than the MESA. Other notable features include a graphic overview, reports, trending, event log and data collection, a WEB interface for two concurrent users, remote diagnostic capabilities, multi-level programmable security and e-mail notifications.

“As with the MESA, the DS-eVUE combines affordability with full process control for lines with one or two extruders,” said John Clemens, electrical engineering manager for Davis-Standard Extrusion Systems. “This system allows the operator to make set-point changes, monitor line status, create and download recipes, and conduct supervisory functions such as trending and reporting. The solid state hard drive is a significant advantage with this new controller.”

The DS-eVUE is powered by the Microsoft Windows® operating system with an anti-virus program, zip program and PLC interface program as needed, and SCADA foundation software. Davis-Standard offers customized applications program for controlling and monitoring the extrusion process.

For more information about the DS-eVUE, contact John Clemens at