New VB 110 HP

Now Eaton Leonard delivers precise CNC operations for large diameter tube bending.

The new VB 110 HP can bend up to 114 mm (4.50") diameter tubing easily, quickly and accurately, providing automation with high-level control technology and rugged mechanical design. Efficient and accurate, the VB 110 HP will meet the challenges of all your production needs.

The VB 110 HP incorporates the latest in technology, combined with simplified hydraulics and conveniently accessible mechanical components. Superior accuracy and repeatability are maintained utilizing closed-loop servo feedback systems.

The VB 110 HP delivers extra power from a massive bend cylinder, delivering the torque required to bend high strength alloys. High load bearings on sliding ways ensure long life and smooth operation.

Accessories available on the VB 110 HP include a dual mode self-calibrating pressure die for automatic setup and position- controlled pressure die assist, and a three-position head shifter for stacked tool applications such as multiple radii, multiple plane, compound bends and multiple tool diameter/centerline radii.

In addition to fast tooling setup and changeover times, the VB 110 HP incorporates Eaton Leonard’s unique single piece quick-change collets, which can be changed in seconds without special tools.

For more information on how the VB 110 HP can improve your production and bottom line, call today at 760-599-6300 or contact online.