Copier Staal- en Machinebouw B.V.

Tailor-made heavyweights for perfect fusion edges

A heavy-duty machine that creates perfect welding preps quickly and with great precision.
That is the Beaver S, the next generation of beveling machines from Copier. Every part of the
Beaver S is fully geared towards reliability and high-quality beveling. The Beaver S is available
in six models, for pipes with diameters of up to 4, 8, 16, 24, 30 or 48 inches.

The Beaver S is the successor to the successful PBM
series, which also served as a template for the innovative
Beaver S. The design and construction have been further
perfected, as a result of which the Beaver S offers
more for less: it has a more competitive price, while its
performance has improved.
Solid components and a smart construction make the
Beaver S the fastest, most practical and most accurate
beveling machine. Every machining step is exactly the
same; a welding robot will not find any irregularities.
Thanks to a smart prism clamp, the Beaver S doesn’t
have changeover times. Together with optimum easeof-
use, this means ultra-short machining times and
maximum efficiency.
Highly precise
Heavy-duty guides
The solid machine construction and the heavy-duty
guides of the Beaver S guarantee ultra-stable and
accurate butting. The Beaver S creates perfectly formed,
identical welding seams, allowing the (automatic) welding
process to run smoothly.
Fast prism clamp
No replaceable parts
To clamp the pipes, the Beaver S uses a sophisticated
prism clamp that holds all of the pipe sizes within the
range of the machine firmly in place. Together with
a unique exchangeable disc holder set, this makes
changeover time negligible. And the tool holder? You can
move it quickly and simply with a hand wheel (types 4-16)
or with an electrical drive (types 24-48).
Many options
Various diameters and welding types
All Beaver S models have a large range. The smallest
Beaver S has a clamping range of 0.5-4 inches; the largest
is suitable for all (thick-walled) pipes with a diameter of
24 to 48 inches. The Beaver S is also highly versatile when
it comes to weld types. Almost any weld type (V seam,
compound, flat, taper, chamber, etc.) can be created.