Another major project for BUTTING Anlagenbau: chemical pulp factory in Punta Pereira

In Punta Pereira, Colonia department, a new chemical pulp factory is being constructed based on a joint venture of Stora Enso and Arauco. A good performance and high flexibility during a comparable project in the years from 2006 until 2008 have for sure been important reasons for order placement of this actual Uruguayan large scale project. Even at that time BUTTING was involved in the construction of the chemical pulp factory in Fray Bentos with more than 3,500 tons of fabricated and delivered material.

For BUTTING the total order volume amounts to 50 km of pipes and 60 internal vessels. BUTTING Anlagenbau fabricates, delivers and assembles vessels and pipelines coming up to approx. 80 per cent of the overall required raw material.

BUTTING delivers the material (pipes and fittings) for the pipeline bridges and equips the pulp pipeline and the drying line with vessels and pipes. In this area also prefabrication of the pipelines and the subsequent assembly on site will be assumed. The appropriate pipes have been produced in Knesebeck production, prefabricated in Schwedt works since December 2011 and will be assembled at Uruguay location starting the second quarter 2012.

For installation of the delivered parts, we actually calculate with 210 fitters in Punta Pereira – an internationally mixed team led by an experienced BUTTING management team. This order is highly sophisticated not only for the reason of a high capacity. “An on-schedule supply and a smooth organization at site – at a distance of more than 11 000 kms – require a logistical master accomplishment” Debora Stimpel says. She works in a leading position on this project. “Another problem that cannot be influenced can be founded in the highly unsteady weather conditions at the location – semi-tropical rainstorms are no curiosity”, she supplements.

We at BUTTING are sure to successfully perform this large-scale project as well.

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