Vapormatt Ltd.

Vapormatt your components for the ultimate surface finish

Vapormatt Wet Blasted Surfaces

Vapormatt your components to leave the ultimate surface finish. These are ideal for subsequent painting, bonding or coating processes. They are also often regarded as a sophisticated final cosmetic finish much softer and cleaner than that produced by other blasting or polishing methods.

Benefits of Vapormatt Wet Blasting

• Highly Controllable Surface Finishes.

• The Vapormatt process can be extensively varied to produce a wide range of effects from extremely gentle to very aggressive. These changes are made by using a variety of extra fine, medium and heavy duty polishing, burnishing and abrasive medias and by making appropriate process pressure variations

• Using a traditional wet glass bead process recipe metal parts can be made to look "as new" with all surface contaminants and grease fully removed.

• Using a different process recipe, metallic, ceramic, glass, resin and plastic surfaces can be etched and cleaned.

• Gentle Action = No Surface Damage.

• Process parameters can set to leave fine lines and tolerances untouched or to de-burr problem edges.

• No Dust.

• Water Buffer prevents media impregnation into surfaces and eliminates static.

• After processing surfaces are left super clean without the residual dust layer found after dry sand blasting.

Benefits of a Vapormatt Wet Blasting Centre

• Access Vapormatt Process Expertise . . . We will ensure we use the ultimate process recipe for your parts.

• Concurrent Degreasing and Blasting means that process steps and costs of cleaning are reduced.

• Availability of a range of manual and automatic wet blast machines. Our range of automation can help reduce "per part" cost for both small and large batches.

• Eliminate the need for capital investment and dealing with the management of a finishing facility.

• Fast turnaround and advanced scheduling techniques enable us to be a reliable partner for your internal production process.

About Vapormatt

Vapormatt Engineers have been designing and manufacturing high quality Wet Blast Machines for over 40 years. They are considered by many to be the world leaders in wet blasting.

This level of expertise is available not only by use of Vapormatt equipment within your own facility but also as an outsourced process from a Vapormatt Wet Blasting Centre.