VACUUMSCHMELZE presents its materials expertise in Cores and Components at Tube & Wire 2012

Hanau / Frankfurt – VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG (Hanau) will
again attend the 2012 Tube & Wire (26 to 30 March) in Düsseldorf. At booth
A49 in Hall 16, the Hanau-based company will once again live up to its credo
"Advanced Materials - The Key to Progress". VAC aligns the materials it
produces to the needs of its customers, optimizing technological and
price/performance aspects and supplying the finished products with the
precise material properties and dimensions required. For the company's
customers, this means outstanding flexibility in addition to the possibility
to deliver high-grade, specialist materials in batch sizes as small as 100kg.
Same basic elements - broad range of products
VAC uses iron, nickel and cobalt as the main elements to manufacture wire
products with widely varying properties. For example, the company supplies a
range of nickel-iron and cobalt-iron alloys in the sector of soft magnetic applications,
in which requirements for high precision and miniaturization are increasingly
advanced. MUMETALL®, featuring maximum permeability of 250,000, is a
key element in power sensors. Cobalt-iron alloys such as VACOFLUX®, on the
other hand, offer ultra-high saturation polarization of up to 2.35 T and are thus
ideal for electromagnetic actuators with high dynamic response or electro magnets.
In addition to soft magnetic alloys, VAC also produces ductile permanent magnets.
CROVAC®, for example, is a highly ductile material that can be supplied as
wire or trimmed pins, with properties that also enable it to be used for more complex
geometries requiring bending or other processing. Unlike highly brittle rare
earth magnets or expensive AlNiCo magnets, CROVAC® pins represent a highquality
yet affordable alternative for applications such as bi-stable relays.

Further technological highlights from VACUUMSCHMELZE certainly include the
company's ultra-high-strength spring materials. These VAC alloys offer unique
combinations of attributes: for example, NIVAFLEX® is used for the mainspring in
any high-quality mechanical timepiece, as the only material offering hardness up
to 3000 MPa plus residual ductility that ensures ultra-long life even for springs
that are subject to high alternating loads.
A recent development by VAC is DURACON® 17A, a contact spring material with
hardness of up to 1800 MPa plus electrical conductivity of 6 MS/m (10% IACS).
This material is the first high-strength, eco-friendly alternative to copper/beryllium
While VAC spring materials are optimized for maximum strength, the key property
of its melt-in alloys is defined thermal expansion, a vital factor in the interaction
of glasses and ceramics. The range of VACOVIT® and VACON® alloys deliver
precisely adjusted expansion coefficients in fine increments from near-zero
to approx. 12 · 10-6 K-1.
VACUUMSCHMELZE also develops completely new custom alloys for specific
applications, such as VACON® CF8 and VACON® CF25, both of which combine
high conductivity and highly temperature-dependent resistance (0.1 to 1.1
μWm). In addition, VACON® CF25 is a melt-in alloy which is effective in highconductivity
glass sealed power entry points in vacuum chambers. This sophisticated
high-performance material has replaced conventional copper core wires
and delivers far superior electrical and thermal conductivity.

VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) with 1,500 employees in Hanau, designs, produces and
markets advanced materials, particularly with magnetic, but also with other physical
qualities as well as related products. In 1914, the first vacuum furnace laid the foundation
for today's VACUUMSCHMELZE. Industrial vacuum melting techniques for alloys have
been in operation since 1923.
VAC Group today achieves annual sales of more than 350 million Euros in over 40
countries and is holder of more than 750 patents. The company is among the world’s
most highly innovative developers of advanced industrial materials.
VAC’s range of products comprises a broad array of advanced semi-finished materials
and parts, inductive components for electronics, magnets and magnet systems for use in
a wide variety of fields and industries spanning watch-making and medical technology,
renewable energies, shipbuilding, automotive and aviation. VAC’s custom solutions are
developed in close collaboration with the customer, reflecting the company’s expertise in
materials, applications and state-of-the-art production technology.
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