Upcast Oy

Bright outlook for UPCAST®-SGTube

Two new orders

Towards the end of 2011 UPCAST OY received two new orders for its UPCAST®-SGTube technology. These copper tube casting lines will be installed in Europe and shall start operation later this year. Both will actually be “hybrid” installations enabling the casting of Cu-OF rod in addition to thin-walled Cu-DHP tube. These orders demonstrate the rapidly growing interest and confidence within the tube industry towards this ground-breaking technology.
"Cast&Draw” born through partnership with ASMAG GmbH

UPCAST OY has joined forces with ASMAG GmbH from Austria in the field of copper tube production technology. The two companies are jointly promoting “Cast&Draw” - a new process delivering semi-finished tubes and consisting of three distinctive stages:
1) upward continuous casting of thin-walled tube
2) breakdown drawing of cast tube
3) intermediate annealing of drawn tube

UPCAST OY covers the “Cast” portion with its UPCAST®-SGTube technology while ASMAG provides equipment for the “Draw” portion consisting of straight drawing and annealing. By combining their respective knowhow and expertise the two companies can offer unprecedented savings both in overall investment and lifetime costs for the copper tube industry.
Kick-off in Düsseldorf

Tube Düsseldorf 2012 will serve as the official inaugural event for the “Cast&Draw” concept. The exhibition marks also the beginning of trade fair collaboration between UPCAST OY and ASMAG GmbH by way of a common booth (6A02).