Unigel (U.K.) Ltd.


Over the years, different approaches have been taken towards replacing traditional gels used in "dry" cable designs. Flooding compounds used outside buffer loose tubes can be replaced with alternative water blocking materials but no real practical solution to replacing the current filling gels used inside the tubes has been achieved – until now

-UNILITE®, our latest product, is a real practical step towards this!

-UNILITE® could be applied at room temperature directly into the tubes using standard gel filling systems such as our own

-UNIFIL equipment. Additionally, it is an extremely low-density material (thereby reducing the weight of the cable) that could be processed at very high speeds. Using UNILITE with the UNIFIL 3600, we have achieved processing speeds of 800m/min!

-UNILITE® is non-dripping and once inside the tube takes on a dry, soft powdery texture making it particularly suitable for Fibre to Home (FTH) applications where ease of cleaning for splicing is of the utmost importance.

-UNILITE® is compatible with all commonly used cable materials and meets the generic requirements for optical fibre cable (Bellcore GR-20CORE).