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First heavy lift job with Twaron stay cables successfully completed

Arnhem, The Netherlands, 13 February 2012 – Heavy lift and transport specialist BigLift Shipping successfully completed the first job with their new super fly jib. Initiated by Huisman the first ever super fly jib was equipped with special Twaron stay cables to lengthen the crane to a radius of 55 meters. The aramid fiber Twaron is lightweight and five times stronger than steel. This results in a reduced installation time while enabling an increase in lifting height and outreach during heavy lifting activities.

By using Teijin Aramid’s fiber Twaron in FibreMax stay cables, ‘Happy Buccaneer’s’ new super fly jib extends the crane to a maximum lifting capacity of 350 metric tons at 35 meters outreach. The maximum outreach and height of the eavy lift crane are increased by 50%. The Twaron stay cables have a rated minimum breaking strength of 920 metric tons. Specialist in lifting, drilling and subsea solutions Huisman designed and manufactured the crane and the super ly jib, equipped with Twaron stay cables. It was produced by FibreMax for BigLift’s heavy lifting carrier ‘Happy Buccaneer’.

Gem Wender, Project Engineer at BigLift: “The specifications and conditions of Twaron exemplify the suitability of these fibers for heavy lift applications. Because of the strength, flexibility and light weight of Twaron stay cables, we were able to significantly shorten and simplify the installation of the super fly jib on the ‘Happy Buccaneer’”.

The properties of Twaron aramid fibres used in FibreMax stay cables ensure a number of significant advantages. Twaron stay cables offer smaller diameters, less weight and higher strength, resulting in major advantages in terms of easier handling, increased safety, faster operations and downsizing of constructions. Besides its strength and flexibility, Twaron offers long-term stability and performance. It is resistant to severe weather conditions, sustainable, and characterized by thermal stability.

Christoph Hahn, Director Marketing & Sales of Teijin Aramid: “We are proud to be in the position to support BigLift, Huisman and FibreMax by applying Twaron in their heavy transport lifting stay cables. Twaron is a super strong fiber offering many fantastic technical features with which our customers can create leading innovations on top of the many existing applications. We are happy to share our knowledge about aramid to help our customers in developing new great products.”
This is the first time that an aramid fiber such as Twaron is used in an marine heavy lift crane application that complies with the requirements of Lloyd’s Register as specified in Lloyd’s ‘Code of Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment’.