New Balancers Line

The market is constantly evolving and TECNA not only loves to be in step with the times but is also in the forefront with its products.

On the topic of forward-thinking, we are pleased to introduce our new 95XX line of balancers.

The new 95XX balancers present a new safer design enabling a better cleaning thanks to the housing which is now more round-shaped and provided with less sharp edges. The steel clamp, which blocks the rope, has been replaced with a nylon one that ensures the integrity of the rope even if subjected to long work sessions. In addition, it has been added a spring that, by wrapping the damper, ensures better cushioning at the stroke end.

In the inside, the nylon spring-drum assembly guarantees a lower wear of the same and allows not to grease the rope, thereby reducing the necessary maintenance procedures and avoiding the accumulation of dust and harmful material. Besides these changes, providing better quality and durability of the product, the safety system has been redesigned for automatic reset to simplify both use and maintenance.

In addition to these new technical features that make our 95XX Balancers safer and easier to use, when placing the order, our customers may choose two more options which have been thought of to further protect the safety of the operator.
The first is the Ratchet Lock or Dynamic Stop, device which allows to block the tool in any position chosen by the operator by a simple manoeuvre performed directly on the load being hung without the need to act on the manual locking system (which is though present and possibly also available with a control from the floor).
The second is the Shock-absorbing Brake that intervenes in extreme situations. For example, should either a descent or an ascent of the load at dangerous speeds occurs, the Shock-absorbing Brake would work by reducing gradually the rope speed as far as to carry the load to a softer stop, thus ensuring the integrity of the balancer and the operator's maximum safety. The balancers of the series 95XX ensure a zero gravity balancing type on the various capacities and, thanks to the use of high quality 80 mm springs, allow the balancing of the load in each position of the stroke.

In the attachment, the technical specifications of the two new families of the 95XX balancers.