SIF MDC s.a.s. di Claudio Formenti & C.


SIFMDC, Measuring Devices Control, is set to launch a new line of control and measurement systems for electrical wire and piping production lines. The systems are the result of meticulous planning and extensive research and development into satisfying specific customer requirements.

This article looks at a product that is often undervalued, yet of great importance to a wire or cable production line: the spark tester.
Our new “STM” , mistakenly identified as a spark tester, is actually an advanced control system designed for the in-line testing of the defective insulation of wires and piping. Its highly innovative functions allow excellent testing performance, consequently offering outstanding product quality and a considerable saving.
Developed using microprocessor technology, the STM system guarantees a high level of immunity to noises thanks to a design that groups all of its parts into a single unit:
• Module for generation, regulation and control of frequency, which runs on AC from 50Hz to 3 kHz or DC, and a test voltage from 0 to 40kV.
• module for processing signals, faults, signal I/O, analogue (0-10V or 0-20mA) and digital (RS232 e RS485) communication interfaces.
• Control panel with operator interface module.
• chain or brush-based probe with protective casing and safety switch.

Using the five-button operator interface, the user can access a software menu to configure the numerous system functions and test parameters. Through its innovative SIF_sefco@ function, the new “STM” optimises system performance and allows the user to investigate faults, guaranteeing excellent product quality and a substantial saving thanks to the reduced operator intervention time due to non-existent defects.

The STM system can be set to different configurations:
• controlled locally through the on-board operator interface
• controlled remotely via RS485, with on-board operator interface
• controlled via remote operator interface