RG Attachments Ltd.

New Tapeformer Innovation from RG Attachments Ltd.

The RG Attachments Ltd tapeformer folds the insulating material around the cable core before it enters the final jacketing stage. Tapeformers can be used with many insulating tapes including Mylar, paper and metal foils, and they can be used to insulate all manner of cables including LAN, telephone, communication, automotive, power and fibre optic cable.

RG Attachments Ltd would like to announce a new innovation to their tapeformer design. Rather than the traditional full-pipe entry, the skilled engineers at RG Attachments have developed a half circle cradle. This means the paper or metalised foil has a smooth incremental fold around the cable core. Unlike the previous design whereby the fold occurred at the exit of the tapeformer, the folding of the insulating tape now begins as soon as the cable cores are passed through the tapeformer. The new design reduces the possibility of blockages and insures the user has the best possible fold around the cable core. A clean fold is a must for cable manufacturers and RG Attachments can now offer its customers the most efficient, user friendly tapeformer they have ever produced.

In addition RG Attachments now offer ceramic inserts with their tapeformers. Excessive abrasion of the initial guide can be caused by large quantities of cable passing through the tapeformer entry. This can be overcome by the fitting of a ceramic insert which reduces this abrasion and means higher productivity of the RG tapeformer.

The advances made by the RG team have meant cable manufacturers of large cable (90mm tape width and above) can experience precise folds for longer periods of production time. If you are a cable manufacturer and are interested in any of our tapeformers, please do not hesitate to contact us as our team of engineers are readily available to discuss any queries you may have.

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