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Extrusion line stats report printing with NEXiS CS3G control unit

The NEXiS™ CS3G control system is a powerful and easy-to-operate control system for extrusion lines. Connected to Proton Products DG Series diameter gauges and CG Series capacitance gauges, a variety of system configurations is possible, including hot and cold diameter control, wall thickness control with automatic shrinkage, and measurement of flat products.

The CS3G already has an impressive range of outputs, including two 10V analogue outputs, PID control, 4 programmable relays,and RS232/USB.

Print measurement stats reports

Now, report printing is available. It’s simple to set up and provides a printed record of max and min diameter readings, and the mean and sigma statistical values. Contact your Proton Products agent if your customers have other printing requirements.

Simple to connect

Connect a report printer to the AUX RS232 port of the CS3G, and a logic input (RTS to GND).

clear format; hard copy for your records

The report print format on the EPSON TM-U220D printer is:
(Different print data and report formats available on special request)