Presezzi Extrusion S.p.A.

Our innovative indirect extrusion press arrives in U.S.A.

Presezzi Extrusion has won an important contract for an innovative 40 MN indirect extrusion press with 2MN scalper in USA. The production plant is mainly used for soft alloys extrusion and the key feature will be the highest productivity. The scalper remove the superficial cortex of the billets, increasing the quality of the finished product. Sapa is the only North American soft alloy extruder with indirect press technology. The addiction of a new indirect press will increase production speed per unit by up to 50%, resulting in better grain structure and overall quality of product, and recover more scrap material than was previously possible at the Cressona plant, Pennsylvania, resulting in a lower operating cost to produce current rod and bar offerings. Combined, these improvements will create greater efficency and increased control capabilities for Cressona’s largest market. The indirect extrusion process allows for a more consistent grain structure and better dimensional tolerances, which improves the machinability and finishing of Sapa rod and bar products. Currently, the Cressona plant includes a range of direct and indirect presses used to produce a variety of rod, bar and tube products for the commercial transportation, automotive, defense, industrial-consumer, and thermal management markets as well as its network of distribution service centers. This press is very sophisticated and it’s powered by our PE.E.S.S. PATENT for energy saving, and it has a high level of automation. The press will be created following the customer requirements who wanted to enclose in this new plant all the experience gained in decades.

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Manuela Beretta