Phenix Technologies

Phenix Technologies is constantly seeking opportunities to test our manufacturing and technological capabilities.

Variable Frequency Transformer and Induced Test Systems VTTS and VTTIS
Over the last few years Phenix has been implementing multiple electronic power supply based Transformer Test System or Transformer Induced Test Systems. Already a standard feature on our fully automated test systems and available as on option on the conventional semi automated systems we have now realized this technology for the largest transformer test bays. Systems for induced testing of up 1200MVA transformers are now available. Systems like this eliminate the traditional rotating machinery used to generate the elevated frequencies and greatly simplify the system design. The ability to generate 50/60Hz or 100-200Hz output with very low total harmonic distortion <3% makes these system ideally suited for transformer testing.

A One Million Volt Dead Tank Resonant Test System for testing of GIL, routinely used for testing up to 960kV. This is the largest system of its kind in the world.