Mario di Maio SPA

Speed drawing machines (10 - 12 passages)

Adjustable speed multiwire drawing machines (N.F.S.model)draw very thin wires at high speed.These machines are ideal for precious metals such as gold,silver and non-ferrous alloys. The drawing machines are omposed by a sturdy metal frame that holds the motor, transmission, lubricating pump, loading bobbins or reels with adjustable clutch,a series of idle rollers,and chrome-coated steel capstan/s.
The winding unit can be housed in a bobbin (of various sizes)or in a conical reel with an adjustable wire tension device.
The mechanical lutch allows the machine to start gradually until it reaches the set speed,which avoids possible slipping and breaking of the wire.A series of permissive blocks stops the machine if the wire breaks or if the safety gate is opened.
The rollers and drawplates are lubricated and cooled with water by way of a losed circuit forced-circulation system:the lubricant collection tank reservoir can be easily removed to recover all precious metalscraps and dust that are formed during the work process and also for cleaning.
The machine is protected with safety guards and devices that protect against spills of the lubricating liquid.
A control panel groups together the functions that control the speed,wire tension and winding.
The simplified version (N) has a two-speed motor and just one conical wire wheel.If is suitable for drawing thicker wires (up to a diameter of 3 mm)at a lower speed than N.F.S.models.