5-Layer Composite Pipe Extrusion Demonstrations – Completely Maillefer

The time has come to clear the hall floor. The multitude of visitors has left. The forklifts and overhead cranes are busily in action. The impressive PCL installation is being dismantled as this article is written.

The extrusion line measuring about 120m long, 5m high and composed of over 50 machines is now being packed for seaworthy travel. Clearly, the past month and a half qualifies as a complete success for Maillefer’s announcement of its new model PCL manufacturing systems for PEX-AL-PEX composite pipes.

Mid-March marked the peak of customer presentations and demonstrations with a symposium attended by over 50 heating & plumbing pipe manufacturers. The one-day program included talks from company specialists and from material supplier Novelis Aluminium. Attendees lined up for the factory tour and a demonstration of a production run for DN 16 pipe – from line start-up to full speed.

This is not the first composite line that Maillefer delivers, but it is the first of the new series of Maillefer designed components for processing the aluminum inner pipe layer. Indeed, all equipment from aluminum coil payoff, accumulator, strip cutting, roll-forming up to compacting has been designed and produced by Maillefer engineers and experienced technicians.

Of course, the familiar Maillefer extrusion technology and downstream equipment occupies a major part of each high performance PCL line. The company’s strength in multilayer extrusion is revealed through a balanced distribution of melt and high concentricity that is ensured through Maillefer’s own extrusion heads.

The facility of line operation for such a large number of machines is made possible by the Nomos® control system. It provides full integration to synchronize the line’s components and sub-systems as well as providing the analysis tools that ensure quality product.

Maillefer offers complete solutions for the production of multilayer heating & plumbing pipes like the PEX-AL-PEX composite pipes. The PCL 032 and PCL 063 lines are just a part of Maillefer’s family of products. Indeed, the company proposes a wide range of tube & pipe manufacturing systems.

For further details about Maillefer’s PCL lines or its complete product program, please contact Sales & Marketing.