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Renewal ISO 14001

Quality, Environment, Safety & Health

Renewal ISO 14001

Lantor BV adds great value to its Quality, Environment, Safety and Health management systems. This has resulted in a healthy and safe working environment for our employees; high and constant quality products and a close watch on our environmental footprint.

In 2011 the renewal of the whole Quality management system is planned in order to ensure up-to-date policies and preventive measures. In the last few years no severe accidents took place. Increasingly much attention is given to prevention of any quality, environment, safety and/or health issues.

ISO 14001
On December 1st 2011, a third party audit was held by Lloyds's Register Quality Assurance team at the Lantor premises. This was to renew the ISO 14001 certificate (Environmental management system), which expired on the 31st of December. As expected the system was approved and the new certificate is available.

ISO 9001
Lantor BV has received this certificate for the first time in September 1993. Lantor is ISO 9001 certified and the certification is constantly renewed.