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InnoVites and Cimteq to launch at Seminar during Wire 2012

01/02/2012 » InnoVites and its partner Cimteq will host a Seminar at the Wire 2012 in Düsseldorf to present how Information Technology advances the businesses of our customers. Both InnoVites and Cimteq offer innovative software solutions that are specifically designed for wire and cable companies. InnoVites will also launch This is an online community for IT professionals that work in the global wire & cable industry.
InnoVites and Cimteq announce that they will host a Seminar at the Wire 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Both InnoVites and Cimteq are software companies that develop solutions exclusively for the wire and cable industry. Dozens of wire and cable manufacturers around the globe use the InnoVites and Cimteq software solutions daily to support and enhance their business processes in design, manufacturing and sales.

“How can IT advance your business”, this is the theme of the Seminar, and the presenters will explain how companies in the wire and cable industry can use Information Technology to enhance their business.
Cimteq will present CableBuilder, the leading cable design software that helps companies to create high-quality designs, data sheets and drawings faster.
InnoVites will present the ERP software InnoVites for Cable and show how this industry-specific business solution addresses the specific requirements of the cable industry.
The presentations will highlight the latest innovations and provide insight into how InnoVites and Cimteq customers benefit from these software solutions.
Consultants from Integer Research will present latest developments in the global wire and cable market and share their insights how wire and cable companies outperform competition with investments in IT.

InnoVites will also launch at the Seminar. is an online community for IT professionals that work in the global wire & cable industry and is the place to find and share solutions for common business issues in this industry. InnoVites will actively contribute to this community by publishing information such as industry best practices and help documentation.