Multipurpose extrusion line for insulating and sheathing

GER S.A. sold end of 2011- in cooperation with company DEXSEN -
a multipurpose extrusion line for insulating and sheathing to one of
its customers in Algeria.

This state of the art production line is composed of new and overhauled second hand machines.

New machines are one 75 mm extruder, four pay-offs 1250 mm,
one colouring unit, two crossheads, all control / measuring instruments,
complete electrics of all machines and control cabinets with touch screen.

The second hand elements are one motorized double cone-type pay-off,
one SZ strander, one 80 mm dia. extruder, one multi-pass cooling trough,
one haul-off caterpillar, one chalkmaster and one 1600 mm cantilever take-up.

This package includes commissioning and training of operators in the plant of the customer.