Fiber-Line International B.V.

Come visit us at the WIRE Düsseldorf

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New trends and technologies. Innovations you can touch. Sources of inspiration for a booming industry. The sector‘s leading trade fair, WIRE, is the central trade fair for the wire and cable industry. Find the answers to the challenges of the future.

WIRE is the No. 1 trade fair for the wire and cable industrty. Of course Fiber- Line® will be present on this venue. Take a look at the online WIRE portal!

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What can be expected at the show

Fiber-Line® produces innovative synthetic fiber components for the telecomunication cable industry.
We provide a variety of synthetic fiber products that protect optical fiber in telecommunications cables, including our patented Swellcoat® technology on various strength members, binders, ripcords and fillers.

Fiber-Line® will be showing the following products during the WIRE.

- Binders and Fillers
- Ripcords
- Strength Members
- Water Blocking Yarns

Fiber-Line® special highlight during the WIRE
- Fiber-Line® Aramid SWELLCOAT™- BLOCKER
Aramid high modulus yarn coated with SWELLCOAT™-BLOCKER is used as a water-blocking strength member in the production of cables.