EFFEGIDI International S.p.A.

The photovoltaic system

08.07.2011 - The photovoltaic system, started last May 1st, will produce 200 KHW/year and will enable Effegidi to get:
1) a daily yield of about 1300.00 kWh
2) a daily reduction of CO2 equal to 700, 00 kg

By the year 2011 it’ll be built 4,500 square meters of new stores, to accommodate more material and give an even better service to own customers.

Also within the current year, the new headquarter will be built, with very low environmental impact and innovative policies designed to ecology and environment and with an eye to energy saving and pollution.

At the beginning of 2012 it will operate a new laminating system to improve our laminates.
The new system will ensure, among other innovations, a low environmental impact and avoid almost entirely the production of gas inside the cable, of our laminate, when outer sheathing.