Dunst GmbH Maschinen für die Kabel- u. Drahtindustrie

We participates also the next year at the Wire Düsseldorf! We look forward to your attendance!

Dunst will next year from 26.03. - 30.03.2012 participate again at the Wire Düsseldorf. Questions and inquiries can be asked directly to our team but we are also would be appreciate to create a quotation in advance. Send your inquiry to

This year we want to point out in particular to our new development in the stranding:

For many years we are a leader in this area because our stranding technology is constantly evolving.

This technique will replace a number of conventional machines.The main advantage is the opportunity to process (Extrusion), immediately after the stranding of the cable or the conductor, and to reduce a single operation. In addition, this procedure costs only a fractional amount of traditional machines and also works faster.
On our new model SZS, we can process optical fibres, bare and insulated wires made of copper and soft iron wires. The latter are used for armouring. Thus each individual stranding disk has its adjustable drive, it is possible, compared the mechanical drives, to influence the stranding process.

Of course, you may also be informed in advance in our production program and of our new model SZS stranding, more stranding machines, extruders and winders.