De Angeli Prodotti S.R.L.

The “Green Energy” - Our eco-sustainable choice.

A concrete example in promoting a sustainable future of our company and our commitment in the environmental protection is certainly the new roof with solar panels.
Talking about environment many companies make a lot of promises, but not all, then keep them: in October 2010 the installation of solar panels on the roof of the factory has begun. After only two months we finished the installation of all the panels and the total project will be completed with the connection to the national grid and the start of production of energy in spring 2011.

2.300 solar panels;
Electrical power equal 615 KWp (equivalent to the needs of more than 200 families);
670.000 KW/h anual produced;
7,000 m² of Ethernit roof reclaimed and replaced: the equivalent of 1.5 football fields;
We will save about 3,350 tonnes: the equivalent in oil of 20 years;
Reduction of about 7.115 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 20 years, the equivalent of 3.690 planted trees;
2.200.000 € invested.

A first concrete response by our company, guided by principles of environmental protection and sustainable development, contemplates the reduction of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide through the reduction of pollutant emissions units to save energy and reduce waste.
“Makes more noise a tree falling that a growing forest” so we can consider “solar energy” as the growing forest. This is the reason why if we look upwards we can see the solar panels that are growing among the roofs.