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ConformGuard CP ConformGuard® is a new and better way to protect and beautify solvent inkjet output. It resists chemical and abrasion attacks, yet has no appreciable weight or thickness. It maintains color fidelity and makes post-print cutting simpler than you could ever imagine. ConformGuard® lowers costs too. Your substrate's flexibility is fully maintained so you don't have to use expensive substrate and laminate constructions. Applied using a hot-roll laminator.

Contra Vision® TT™

Contra Vision TTContra Vision® TT backing layers helps you make perforated one-way-vision graphics unlike any you've seen, or seen through, before. Contra Vision TT white/black backing layer is a fast, clean and inexpensive way to back up clear perforated films with a through-vision and print accentuating white and black layer. You can then apply your prints inside, and see them from the outside where all they attract is attention - not dirt and water or vandals. Applied using a hot-roll laminator.