Caballé, s.a.

Welcome to Wire Dusseldorf 2012

With over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machinery for the production of copper LAN, telecommunication, fiber optics, data, control and power cables as well as steel ropes, C.M. Caballé provides the cable industry with a wide array of stranding, twinning, bunching and cabling machinery.

The firm is constantly developing new, high quality equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of the Wire and Cable Industry

The company’s portfolio includes the following equipment for:

-Power cables: double twist stranders, rigid stranders, drum twisters, single twist stranders, bow skip stranders, tubular stranders, planetary stranders and SZ stranders.
-Telecom and LAN cables: double twist pairing-quadding machines, single twist cabling lines, group twinners, drum twisters, shielding-jelly filling-sheathing lines, SZ stranders.
-Steel ropes: double twist stranders, tubular stranders, planetary stranders, bow skip stranders.
-Ancillary equipment: pay-offs, take-ups, capstans, caterpillars, taping machines, binders.

At Wire 2012, Caballe will show the new developments, highlighting the following products:
-Upgraded rigid stranders and drum twisters for HV energy cables (Milliken conductors).
-Upgraded range of double twist stranders to manufacture compacted conductors of Cu and Al up to 400 mm2.
-New design of tubular closers for reels up to 1250 mm for steel ropes.

In addition the General Manager and all the Area Sales Managers will be present on the stand during the exhibition, and will be available to provide information and literature, and to discuss any requirement with visitors.