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THE MULTIHEAD WEIGHER - a strong player in the packaging process


The multihead weigher has been on the market for over 20 years and has gradually replaced the traditional linear weigher as weighing and dosing unit. This development is caused by the increased requirements for high levels of accuracy during portioning, for productive capacity and the need for automated, flexible and cost-effective production facilities. The linear weigher was justified at a time when not much emphasis was placed on these requirements.

High-accuracy weighing of every portion has become a very important financial parameter for the producer. Shortage in weight of portions causes dissatisfied customers and complaints. On the other hand, by overweight portions, the producer gives away his product. Therefore, the portion weight must be as correct as possible - no shortage in weight - minimum surplus weight.

The following case demonstrates that there is every reason to focus on accuracy. Recently, BILWINCO delivered a system for the weighing of meat filling in pies. The meat filling (protein) is a very expensive ingredient - therefore, product waste (give-away) must be reduced to an absolute minimum. On the other hand, the protein quantity stated on packages must be observed according to law - i.e. no shortage in weight is acceptable.

Earlier, the producer dosed the meat filling with a volume filler. Then, he had to accept a surplus weight of 8 g per pie because of the mentioned legal requirements. When the BILWINCO line took over the dosing of the meat filling, the surplus weight of 8 g was reduced to 1.5 g per portion. With a speed of 210 pies per minute, the producer is making a saving of 1.4 kg per minute, 82 kg per hour, etc., etc. How big will the savings be within a year?
Productive capacity

The requirements for high-speed weighing and packaging are increasing - and so are accuracy requirements. Many producers weigh and pack many different products in small batches, which results in many product changes. Obviously, a high-speed packaging system is required - equipped for frequent change-over between products. Exactly such requirements have made multihead weighers take over from linear weighers. The multihead weigher and the filling unit integrating the weigher with the packaging line ensure easy cleaning and quick preparation for another product/packaging. The producer benefits greatly from these features. For instance, he can offer short delivery times and consequently reduce his storage costs substantially.

The BILWINCO multihead weigher is equipped for high capacity production regardless of the portion size. The capacity has been further strengthened as the weigher is now synchronised at its optimum with the rest of the packing equipment - and customised precisely to the chosen application. This ensures a considerable better product and packaging flow that determines the utilisation of the weighers' high performance.
Versatile weighing and packaging process

The multihead weigher has been developed for achieving a versatile process - for instance with many different products in short batches. It is - however - possible to strengthen the flexibility even further, as the multihead weigher can be supplied as a mobile unit. The advantages are many – according to need, the weigher can be moved between processing lines, meeting all the producers' weighing and packaging requirements. At the same time, the equipment becomes fully utilised.
Top hygiene in the food industry

Mobility also means optimal hygienic conditions. The weigher can be completely removed from the line in order to clean the weigher and the packaging machine separately. In addition, the weigher can be lowered to the floor – ensuring more efficient cleaning. The mobile infeed system can also be lowered and wheeled away from the line together with the weigher. Moreover, the ease of maintenance is obvious when the weigher is located away from the packaging line. The BILWINCO solutions are designed for maximum hygienic standards. All joints have been fully welded and the product zones are all stainless steel. The equipment can be washed down completely with high-pressure water and withstands most detergents and disinfectant.
BILWINCO BW multihead weighers

The BW generation of multihead weighers is based on new technology that gives the producer a number of advantages. The unique design of the weigher meets many requirements and makes a number of functions easier and quicker. Replacement of wearing parts and spare parts is now much easier - load cells, for instance, are now replaced from the outside. Furthermore, the weigher is very easy to clean and meets the highest hygienic requirements of the food industry. The special design of the weighing hoppers ensures a considerable noise reduction during the weighing process. As mentioned, all weighers can be supplied as mobile units - thus ensuring a very versatile weighing and packing process. The weighers are very reliable, due to the latest technology in relation to electronic components, an optimised bucket concept and stronger load cells. The new design of the vibratory module ensures a much higher performance.

The weighers can handle very difficult products - for instance sticky and greasy food products. Furthermore, the product zone can be customised to the product in question - thus meeting many different requirements for product handling.The control unit is available with a IP67 touch screen. A PC log program will manage your production data and ensure that the EU requirements for traceability are met.