Quaker Chemical Corp.

Quaker introduces new generation, low VOC coating for premium temporary protection of OCTG pipes. Quakercoat 394 can replace water-reducible alkyd technology with enhanced performance

Following European directive 2004/42/EC on the limitation of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), high-performance temporary coatings for Tubes & Pipes usually based on water-reducible alkyd technology needed to evolve due to the high level of cosolvent contained required to coalesce.

Quaker’s response is the development of Quakercoat 394, featuring low VOC, alkyd-like corrosion protection, and faster drying properties than standard water-reducible alkyds.

Quakercoat 394 has a VOC content of 14g/L, which is 10 times lower than the level required by the legislation.

It displays a series of benefits for OCTG pipe manufacturers:
- Drying time 50% faster to dust-free and 30% to tack-free compared to conventional alkyd technology,
- Recirculation of overspray in order to minimize waste and consumption. During our recirculation test simulating the same filtration process as the one used by our customers, viscosity, foaming and corrosion protection properties of recirculated product were monitored. It was possible to regenerate the overspray without loss of properties and re-use blended into day tank with fresh product.
- Good film formation on dirty or oily pipes matching high solvent-containing coating performance
- Compatibility with Quakercool 2772LF as threading fluid and Quakercool 2853 as hydrotesting fluid.
- Quakercoat 394 can be recoated with and over other acrylics, alkyds, primers and topcoats.

Customer operations have shown no issue with recirculation and have confirmed the improvement in drying time as well as the high product flexibility at temperatures from 8 °C up to 50 °C. Pipes stored outside in seashore desert climate and in a European industrial area have been protected against corrosion for more than 6 months at 30-microns thickness.