500 tonnes of thick-walled steel plate pipes for a refinery in Russia

BUTTING was able to secure a major order for 500 tonnes of thick-walled steel plate pipes this month. The pipes will be used to expand a refinery in Russia.

BUTTING will start production in December this year. From February 2012 we will be delivering around 300 m of pipes to the Republic of Tatarstan every week. The refinery of the TANECO project company is located approx. 200 km to the east of the capital, Kazan.

Along with the expansion of the crude oil refinery, the overall project also includes a petrochemical production complex. As soon as the reconstruction of the refinery has been completed, it will be possible to process around 14 million tonnes of crude oil there per annum.

For the order we will produce four different objects from the TP321 material in accordance with ASTM A358. The pipes have external diameters ranging between 457 and 660 mm. A particularly demanding feature is the great wall thicknesses ranging between 40.5 and 57 mm. In order to produce the longitudinally welded pipes, we use the efficient electron beam welding process which is deployed highly effectively by us, one of the few pipe manufacturers in Europe to do so.

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