PITCO Offers Most Advanced Magnetic Flux Inspection Equipment and Technology Scan Systems Corp: Industry Overview

As many in the tube and pipe technology industry are content to simply repackage old technologies, developing and manufacturing internally is a more foreign concept.

“Due to small markets, some competitors have simply chosen to move completely away from Magnetic Flux inspection technologies, and concentrate on the higher-priced, higher-profit UT technologies,” Danny Uselton, president of Scan Systems Corp., PITCO’s parent company, said. “This has forced a lot of our competitors’ end-users to compete in the world market with twenty, thirty, or even forty-year-old MFL equipment.”

Full body Magnetic Flux (MFL) inspection equipment for OCTG materials may not be top of mind for some, but one company invests a substantial percentage of its gross revenues back into the research and development for their customers.

The focus of PITCO for the past ten years has been to evaluate current inspection technologies, research improvements, and apply successful developments to create better products and software associated with Magnetic Flux inspection of OCTG pipes.
PITCO engineers have developed improved mechanics, advanced inspection sensors, specialty digitalization systems, sophisticated software algorithms, and the most advanced signal processing system is the OCTG industry today.

The DT-2100™ and DT-3100™ M-series Digi-Tech™ MFL Pipe Inspection Unit are prime examples of their four-function OCTG inspection system – including a longitudinal, transverse, wall monitoring and grade comparator.

“There are several quality vendors of ultrasonic systems in the world today. However, very few if any other companies have stepped up to the plate and committed to MFL systems and technologies like PITCO has,” said Uselton.

PITCO is a division of Scan Systems Corporation of Houston, Texas, USA, a group of four synergistic operating divisions, each providing its own specialized, proprietary products and services for the support of NDE companies. Visit for more information.