Stolberger KMB Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Stolberger Tangential Steel Taping Head with four tape pads - An outstanding component to give a competitive edge in the manufacture of submarine cables

Tangential Taper Type BTE

Climate protection targets of the European Union dictate a need for speedy development of offshore wind power generation.
This will certainly assume dimensions which are very soon going to entail extreme challenges to be faced by the cable industry in terms of performance and delivery competencies.

Stolberger KMB-Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a competent equipment supplier to the cable and wire industry worldwide, and a traditional manufacturer of cable-making and stranding machines, have also been developing and manufacturing choice taping heads for decades. Stolberger, just like throughout their range of products, go for solutions tailored to suit the needs of the market.

In an effort to meet the unmistakable capacity requirements ensuing from the growth potential in the field of offshore wind power, Stolberger have now added a machine to the field-proven BTE 100/2-300 tangential steel taping head with two tape pads and fully developed and delivered the first BTE 100/4-300 tangential steel taping head with four tape pads. Customised for heavy and offshore cables, this steel taping head for the first time uses 1,000 mm diameter tape pads intended for tape widths from 20 to 100 mm and cable diameters up to 260 mm.

For these two taping heads, Stolberger already build BTE 100/4-450 and BTE 100/2-450 units which are larger versions featuring 450 mm free passage for 350 mm diameter cables. These figures, however, are far from representing a ceiling.

In addition to the submarine-cablemaking equipment, Stolberger have a remarkable range of foil taping heads with two or four 800 mm diameter tape pads for tape widths from 20 to 150 mm.

This process of submarine-cable manufacture is complemented by efficient yarn binders as already put to use by Stolberger with 161 bobbins having an outer diameter of 500 mm.