Loeser GmbH

LOESER Innovative Surface Improvement Technologies for Bars and Pipes

LOESER GmbH is a major producer of Premium Quality Grinding, Polishing and Deburring Machinery and a global leader in technology required to produce super high quality surface finishes.
From very simple one station machines to completely automated multiple station systems, LOESER custom engineers the system to each customer’s exact requirements.

Headquartered in Speyer, Germany, LOESER has been in operation since 1934 producing machines and complete systems for over 75 years. LOESER has persistently continued to further develop and refine existing fundamental technologies.

LOESER pressure controlled grinding technology allows for heavy stock removal, tolerance grinding and fine finishing. Quick abrasive belt changing offers a major time advantage compared to stone grinding or turning. LOESER machines can be equipped with multiple stations in different combinations, completely enclosed or open style. Systems are fully modular and easy to upgrade with additional stations to grow with future requirements.

LOESER prides itself in innovation using the latest technology in machine controls and mechanical components. This keeps LOESER on the cutting edge of developing process advancements. This allows LOESER to offer much more than just the construction of a machine. LOESER actually invents customer’s solutions. Working closely with major abrasive belt manufacturers and their latest technology keeps LOESER far ahead of the competition.

LOESER prides itself in innovation using the latest technology in machine controls and mechanical components. LOESER’s product line has been recently expanded with new solutions for extremely high stock removal, Continuous through feed induction hardening, Continuous through feed chrome plating

Extremely high stock removal technology

Recently LOESER has developed new technology for extremely high stock removal applications on tube and bars made of different materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, Inconel and similar type of materials. LOESER centerless belt grinding machines RPS 376 and RPS 377 offer much faster stock removal than a standard turning operation.
This process is successfully used by companies such as ThyssenKrupp Elevator (USA),V&M Deutschland GMBH (Germany), Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes France S.A.S. (France), Zlatoust Metallurgical Works (Russia), DSS Elektrometallurgical Works Dneprospetstal (Ukraine), BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG (Germany), Bao Steel Group Steel Tube Co. (China), Jiuli Stainless Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd (China), WuLiangYe AnJi, Wilhelm Schulz GmbH (USA), Carpenter Technologies (USA), Tenaris Dalmine S.p.A (Italy) etc., KEPCO ( Korea).... Global Nuclear Fuels Hitachi (USA),

Continuous through feed induction hardening
LOESER continuous through feed induction hardening systems are successfully used by such companies as INA SCHAEFFLER (Germany), Stelmi (Italy), IHC Industrial Hard Chrome (USA) and Pacoma Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. (China), BOSCH REXROTH.

New Loeser innovations:

Continuous through feed chrome plating
LOESER’s product line has been recently expanded to include complete continuous through feed chrome plating systems. LOESER through feed chrome plating systems are successfully approved by such Companies as Exxelin (Germany) and Pacoma Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.(China), OGISO ( JAPAN), TAVILLER ( TURKEY ) and many more companies where confidentiality agreements don’t allow to show the reference....

LOESER offers technologies for centerless stainless tube mirror polishing/buffing. The design of the machine is based on abrasive belt polishing combined with cotton wheel buffing using a polishing compound

In addition to standard belt grinding and polishing machines for round and flat parts, LOESER provides creative solutions for micro finishing up to 0,004 µm Ra.

Pressure Controlled grinding and polishing combined with new Loeser innovations make LOESER the only producer of surface finish technology systems capable of offering all of the following solutions:
• through feed induction hardening
• through feed belt grinding and finest polishing before plating
• through feed continuous chrome plating
• through feed polishing post chrome
• Through feed wax buffing for added corrosion resistance.

Careful and accurate evaluation of each customer’s specific requirements is Loeser’s highest priority. The accumulated knowledge from many years of process development and innovative thinking is key. This is absolutely critical in order to construct large complex automated systems.
A complete Loeser System can be installed and running at a customer’s plant in a remarkably short amount of time. LOESER’s customers greatly benefit from LOESER’s decades of experience in developing thousands of grinding processes.

Send a question and Loeser will invent the solution for your needs!