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Easy, precise, cost saving - Cable measurement equipment by iiM AG

Besides the familiar products of VisioCablePro®, iiM AG presents the new software ProValue and the updated version of ProCable - ProCable 3. ProCable 3 now provides an interface to SQL and Access databases and a lot of new useful features and possibilities. The new software ProValue is an interface software module. It enables a connection between external devices such as elongation, adherence or resistance meters and the CAQ database of iiM AG. Furthermore ProValue includes the possibility to manually enter various information.
Additionally to the VisioCablePro® series, iiM AG presents useful devices for sample preparation, Quality Management optimization and material saving.
One of these new devices is the extrusion nozzle measuring device. With it, the wearing out of extrusion nozzles can be detected, so that material waste can be prevented and the quality can be improved.
Another innovation is the Hot Set Test, which simplifies the expansion and the heat pressure test of cable sample test specimen. With this Hot Set Test the samples do not have to be attached in the heat oven, because the samples are placed into the oven with the complete device. Therefore a great heat-loss can be prevented, which could affect measurements. Another innovation for the Hot Set Test is the preparation of the required test specimen. iiM AG offers the new Test Probe Spreader TPS. This device prepares the cable samples so that the test specimen can be stamped out easily.
Moreover, iiM AG will present the new Sample Alignment Device on the trade fair WIRE 2012. The Sample Alignment Device enables an optimal positioning of different samples such as cable sheaths or cable cores under a measuring microscope, profile projector or VCP Lab made by iiM.
Find out more about the product range of iiM AG and visit booth E19 in hall 17.