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LARIKKA CylinWeld - orbital welding the other way around

Common problem for all manufacturers is the geometry of the joining point of two tubular parts. This joining point turns into continuously changing arc which follows the surface of the main pipe. The arc of cutting branch pipe is identical with the arc of the main pipe. These arcs joined together form the joining surface which is to be welded. In addition to continuously changing arc the joining point of pieces to be welded form an angle which changing between 0-90 degrees. Controlling the full penetration of the weld and smoothness of the inner surface is difficult causing lots of expensive after-work.

In order to eliminate the welding and after-work problem several pipe branching methods have been developed where a collar is formed to the branch's joining point and this way the branch location resembles the end of a straight pipe. This type of joint is easily welded manually and for this kind of welding there are several good orbital welding equipment which produce qualitative result on-site.

However, as the pipe diameters get smaller and the wall thickness in relation to pipe's diameter grows, i.e. becomes thicker, there are no working collaring methods (for branching) available. For the manufacturing this kind of "small" Tees a new welding method has been developed. This welding method is named LARIKKA CylinWeld. The name is derived from words Cylinder Internal Welding which describes the internal approach to welding process. LARIKKA CylinWeld is excellent for manufacturing tubular parts. As the joining surfaces of two round parts form a mathematical pattern the simplest approach is from inside and on the central line of either tubular part. LARIKKA CylinWeld utilizes TIG-welding method and the welding takes place inside the tubular part. The welding process is fully automatic and the inner surface quality of the weld area is smooth. This is the result from the light arc travelling over the sharp corners of the joining point the corners melt forming a round corner. Further, the root is on the part's outer surface making the visual check of full penetration of the weld is easy.

LARIKKA CylinWeld is also very suitable for welding of collared and straight seams. LARIKKA CylinWeld is applicable for the welding of single parts where the part rotates and the welding is down-hand welding, which is theoretically the most ideal welding situation. With LARIKKA CylinWeld it is also possible to weld long manifolds. Equipment's functions can be applied so that the pipe is stationary and the electrode rotates inside the pipe. The operating range of LARIKKA CylinWeld is wide. The smallest diameter is 4 mm and the largest 200 mm, in special cases even larger.

Novelty of the LARIKKA CylinWeld is shown by the several granted patents. LARIKKA CylinWeld has been tested in full scale production with pilot customers for several years. Now it is commercially ready,
let us add value to your business.

It is the internal approach that makes the difference in manufacturing technologies of quality Tees and manifolds. So, welcome inside…